Installing your Grill Advantage® griddle backsplash extender is simple and requires no drilling or special tools. Choose the mounting clips and spacers that work with your backsplash style, securely attach the clips to the backsplash, then slip Grill Advantage® into place. Our video will show you how.

The Grill Advantage is a great accessory to any commercial grill. You can find it for sale on our Distributor Page. This video will give you the instructions you need to assemble your Grill Advantage and get cooking in a more efficient way!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much weight can be supported by the Shelf accessory?
A: The Shelf can support up to 20 pounds total weight. It is intended for utensils, steak weights, etc. but NOT intended for plates, or other heavy equipment.

Q: What if my existing backsplash is warped?
A: Warping occurs from excessive use over time. You may use a combination of brackets from package “A” and “B”, and spacers to achieve the desired fit.

Q: What existing backsplash heights will your system fit?
A: Between 3.5″ and 5.5″

Q: Why does my grill shut off, or seem as if it’s not heating up, when I install your system?
A: It could be for one of several reasons. These three are the most common:

1) The flue area needs cleaning. We recommend thoroughly cleaning the flue before installing Grill Advantage™.

2) The deflector over the flue may be blocked and not allow for proper air flow. Check to be sure nothing is blocking the flue, or otherwise interfering with the air flow.

3) Your grill is too close to the back wall. The back of your grill should be 6″ – 12″ away from the wall.
If you have checked for these conditions and problems still persist please contact US Foods CES customer support or you may contact Grill Advantage directly.

Q: My Grill Advantage™ backsplash extender is leaning forward and seems loose. Did I do something wrong?
A: Consult you Owner’s Manual to be certain you have selected the correct clips and spacers. Check to be sure the clips and spacers are properly attached to the backsplash. Loose or improperly-fitted clips may cause the extender to lean.

Q: I recently bought the Grill Advantage™ system for my 36in grill. We are renovating our kitchen and are installing a 72in grill. What are my options?
A: You may use two 36″ extenders side-by-side.

Q: Does the Grill Advantage® system fit on a charbroiler?
A: Not generally, because our system is designed to fit flat-top griddles, and most charbroilers do not have the right type of backsplash.