We are second-generation restaurant owners and have learned quite a bit about commercial kitchens and the restaurant business.

Once, while working a busy lunch rush, a dangerous fire broke out in our griddle flue. We extinguished the flames before they got out of control by quickly pouring cups of salt into the flue area. After the fire was out, the staff took turns painstakingly cleaning up the mess. This was the last griddle fire we ever had!

As restaurant owners, we know how devastating a fire can be. That is what inspired us to engineer a commercial grill accessory that would prevent flue fires. The need to eliminate the source of dangerous restaurant fires lead us to the development of Grill Advantage®.

We understand how important your business is to you, and we know our products can prevent restaurant fires and “Safeguard Your Line”.


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“I would recommend the Grill Advantage! It helps keep the line clean and running smoothly. It’s an asset to any kitchen.”

Chef Spike Mendelsohn Good Stuff Eatery

Customer Reference Survey: GOOD STUFF EATERY 01/7/13 How long has the product been in use?

We’ve been using Grill Advantage for a couple of months.

What benefits do you experience with the Backsplash Extender?

Grill Advantage allows us to make more space on our line. We do high volume, all day every day. Grill Advantage allows us to be more efficient and organized, which allows our customers to get a wonderful meal promptly.

If you use the SHELF accessory please comment on its value.

The shelf is great. It helps clear space next to our grills for additional uses. Utilizing vertical space with the assistance of the shelf is helping us stay organized.

Would you recommend these products to other chefs/cooks?

I would recommend the Grill Advantage! It helps keep the line clean and running smoothly. It’s an asset to any kitchen.

How would you rank the performance of these products against your expectations? 10/10!
1 = poor 10 = exceptional.

Chef Spike Mendelsohn Good Stuff Eatery

“When I first saw the Grill Advantage at the US Foods show, I thought, what a great idea! After looking at my grill area and figuring out what products would work best for us, I decided to get the Grill Advantage backsplash, shelf, and two sidebars with pan holders. The cooks love the flexibility they now have with the Grill Advantage products. Instead of keeping their sauces on the grill and taking up valuable grill space, they can now hold them in the sidebar pan holder, positioned on the side, over the grill. Another great feature they like is the backsplash with shelf. The backsplash is not only a nice-looking accessory, but functional as well. It keeps the stainless walls behind the grill cleaner, plus we don’t lose anything behind it anymore, because of the height of the backsplash. The accessory shelf is great for holding their grill weight and lids, so they are out of the cooks’ way when not in use. I would highly recommend the Grill Advantage products to any food service establishment.”

Scott Varriano Food and Nutrition Manager Mayo Clinic Arizona

For the last 20 years we’ve had the opportunity to test and research many products that hit the market and promised the end users great results, many of them are either too complex , or are not well designed to meet the special conditions of a commercial kitchen. Several years ago, I came across a product called Grill Advantage and met the Hatjopoulos family, immediately and with minimal effort we understood each other’s needs and I’ve been a user of Grill Advantage ever since, not only for the safety and peace of mind that this product provided to us, but also it changes the look of the station, keeps it organized, reduces cleaning labor and its simple to install and maintain.

Miguel A. Rivera Executive Chief Steward – Food and Beverage Foxwoods Resort Casino

“When we were developing the Food Fanatic Kitchen, we ran into an issue with the flat top grills, we had no where to store utensils, plates and ingredients and no way to stop stuff splashing on the back stainless steel counters where our customers stand and watch us cook. Then Grill Advantage showed up to the rescue and we installed the full Grill Advantage set up on both flat top grills.”

Chef John Byrne Food Fanatic Chef

I would like to thank the Grill Advantage team for providing our restaurants a truly revolutionary product. We utilize the Grill Advantage system at all of our locations, those being Thames Waterside Bar and Grill, Agave Restaurant and Lounge, and The Wave. We quickly realized how valuable this piece of equipment was after service of 1200 dinners per day on four days of July weekend. It’s a real space saver that blends efficiency on all fronts, from food cost to labor cost, Grill Advantage pays for itself. This has become just as valuable as the grill itself. Thanks for making our kitchens more efficient with your very high quality product. Yours truly,

Anastasios Barakos Agave

“My name is Juan Carlos Pernas and I own a pizzeria named ‘4 Jjjj Pizzeria Ice Cream and Restaurant’ in Homestead, Florida. I bought a Grill Advantage Guard accessory from George. He did a great job. He asked me for every detail about the grill, the model, the way it looks. There was a time where I sent him an e-mail late at night, and he responded to me almost instantly. I thought to myself, “This guy does not sleep!” He is very committed and knows how to get the job done. About the Grill Advantage backsplash extension system, I am very satisfied with the product. Now there are no pans or spatulas on the grill. I have already recommended this product to my friends and to everybody that has a restaurant with the same problem that I had.”

Juan Carlos, Owner 4 JJJJ Pizzeria Ice Cream and Restaurant

“Grill Advantage. No cape or tights (at least on the outside) or saving people from burning buildings but something that could save a building from going up in flames and a product line to improve efficiencies and profits. To me it was one of those OMG why did I not think of this…”

L. J. Shearer, US Foods CCSP | Product Specialist